Chick feeders and more.

Weaver Chick Feeder Tray. Designed for starting baby chicks.

Three Great Colors!


Weight -- 1.3 LB (approx.)

Dimensions - 17" x 26" x 2"

100% virgin polypropylene

Available in Three Colors

Chick Feeder Trays Nest Neatly

Nesting Height - 50 trays per 12"

Many Applications

--Chick Feeder

--Potted Plants

--Boots & Shoes

--Pet Bed

feeder tray floor design
Floor of tray is designed with cross bars and numerous raised, round pro-jections to prevent feed from sliding to one end and to prevent chicks from scratching it to one area of the tray.

Other Applications

white feeder tray feeder tray uses


gray feeder tray feeder tray capabilities
tan feeder tray feeder tray applications