Revolutionary Post-Tensioned Design.

Weaver's Welded Poultry Cage Features
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Welded Steel Framework Welded Poultry Cage Frame
Rear of Cage
Showing Gusseted and Trussed Steel Framework

  • All Fences are built with tough Polypropylene with U.V. Protection. If you punch through a fence with your fork, the hole you create is the size of your fork and chickens can’t get out. If you destroy the fence, it can easily and economically be replaced – all fence welding is eliminated.
  • Precision-formed low-profile safety locators on top of cage serve to “prevent sling-shotting” of cage when stacking and help forklift operator to easily and more accurately stack cage.
  • Rear Fences are one unit from top to bottom with large flush ports at each level. Easy to repair if damaged –
    No Fence Welding!
  • Cages can be neatly nested beside each other with no cage Hang-Ups.
  • Weaver’s cage design provides excellent ventilation which is an important part of treating birds more humanely.

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