Weaver's Turkey Cage Frame
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Weaver's Welded Steel Frame is built with 1.5" Square Tubing. It is Rigidly Gusseted and Trussed for Great Strength! All Cages are Hot-Dipped Galvanized (inside and out) in 840 Degree Prime Eastern Zinc for Extra Long Life!
Weaver Cage Dimensions
47.5" wide x 104" high x 96" long
These cage dimensions are standard. We are well-equipped to
build custom cages to meet your specific requirements.

End View of Cage Base
Heavily Reinforced Forklift Channels
are built using 10 guage steel.

Turkey Cage Arched Floor
All Weaver Turkey Cages
are built with Arched Floors using
one inch Square Steel Tubing
Arched Tubing and Steel Frame has great strength
and provides excellent support for thick fiberglass floor.
Bottom View of Cage Base
4-Way Forklift Entry and
Open Areas of Forklift Channel
Prevent Plugging

Weaver's Base is a proven design that
has been used for many years on
other cages built by Weaver.

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