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Weaver's Turkey Cage Features
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Weaver’s Cage Doors are very user-friendly. As one person said, “They work better than ‘greased lightning’”. The door nests neatly in the top of each compartment, being held there with a neoprene tab. After turkeys are loaded, it slides smoothly down the door tracks into the closed position.
Also, note in the view on the left, the arched square tubings that support the fiberglass floor.
Cage Floors are made using thick Fiberglass sheets. In the door area, on the front of the cage, the floor is protected and held securely in place with a stainless steel angle that is bolted to the floor support frame.

Turkey Cage Doors

Turkey Cage Detail

Birds arrive AT the plant Cleaner, Happier, and Healthier
and arrive IN the plant with fewer Bruises and DOAs.