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Weaver's Independent Turkey Cages
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Great Flexibility for Loading Independent Turkey Cages – Weaver’s Independent Cages have 4-Way Forklift entry. They can be taken into the ground floor of the building for loading turkeys by using the end of the cage. When loading turkeys out the second floor of the building, position the forklift at the rear of the cage and elevate it. Turkeys can be loaded through second floor doorway into front of cage.
Transport Trailer Loading – With 4-Way entry, cages can be loaded on trailers cross-wise or length-wise. Standard cages can be stacked on top of each other for an overall height of 106”.
Precision-formed low-profile safety locators on top of independent cages serve to “prevent sling-shotting” of cage when stacking. They also help forklift operator to easily and more accurately stack cage.
Cages can be neatly nested beside each other with no cage Hang-Ups.
Rear Fences are one unit from top to bottom with large flush ports at each floor level for easy cleaning and disinfecting. Fences are easy to replace if damaged.
Top of Cage is Offered with Three Options:
• Poly Propylene Fence
• Thick Fiberglass Sheet
• Galvanized Steel Sheet

Arched Floors Treat Birds More Humanely
Because They're Guaranteed To Have
NO Ponding of Liquid

Weaver Independent Turkey Cage
Cage Wt. 795 lbs (approx.)
Door Opening: 14.75" High x 45" Wide

Rear of Cage
Showing Gusseted and Trussed Steel Framework

Birds arrive AT the plant Cleaner, Happier, and Healthier
and arrive IN the plant with fewer Bruises and DOAs.