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Weaver's Trailer Mounted Turkey Cages
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Trailer-Mounted turkey cages are designed to be loaded with a turkey harvester. Weaver’s standard heavy steel frame cage is bolted to the floor of a 48' trailer as shown on the cover page. We will build customized cages to meet your specific requirements.
Trailer Capacity: Typically twelve 4' wide x 8' long x 104" high turkey cages can be mounted on a 48' trailer with a total of 144 compartments.
All Fences for cages are moulded with tough Polypropylene with U.V. Protection. If you punch through a fence with your fork, the hole you create is the size of your fork and turkeys can’t get out. If you destroy the fence, it can easily and economically be replaced.
Weaver’s cage design provides excellent ventilation which is an important part of treating birds more humanely.

Turkey Trailer Mounted Cage

Birds arrive AT the plant Cleaner, Happier, and Healthier
and arrive IN the plant with fewer Bruises and DOAs.